Honours 2021


Scottish Rite Masons of the Orient of Kansas

Deus Meumque Jus

To the Perfect Elus, Knights Rose Croix, Knights Kadosh, Masters of the Royal Secret and Inspectors General Honorary of the Lodges of Perfection, Chapter of Rose Croix, Councils of Kadosh, and Consistories in the Grand Orient of Kansas for the South Jurisdiction of the United States of America

Behold how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity!

Let it be known and propagated throughout the Grand Orient of Kansas that I, III.Hugh W. Gill III, 33ยบ, Sovereign Grand Inspector of Kansas, exercising my prerogatives under the Statutes of the Supreme Council will convene a Court of Honor on Saturday, November 23, 2019, in the City of Wichita, State of Kansas, and hereby summon you to be present.

The purpose of this Court of honor is to renew our bonds of fraternal brotherhood, and to bestow the rank and decoration of a Knight Coommander of the Court of Honor upon those Masters of Royal Secret who have been so elected by the Supreme Council and to confer the Thirty-Third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite upon those Knights Commander of the Court of Honor who have distinguished themselves by their service to humanity, their country, or Freemasonry.

Take due notice thereof and govern yourselves accordingly.